Call for Guest Posts

SteamCavBANNER2Up until now the Steampunk Cavaliers has been a closed group blog because we wanted to establish our style so writers had something to base their own posts on. We haven’t been open for a particularly long time but I think the posts we have so far are a great display of what we want The Steampunk Cavaliers to be. So today I’d like to welcome writers of all types to submit guest posts, abiding by the following rules:

  • All guest posts must in some way relate to steampunk(how they relate can be really vague but it must be a real connection)
  • Guest posts should contain no swearing/an absolute minimum
  • Posts must be at least 450 words
  • You must have permission to use all images associated with your post
  • Send all posts to

You do not need to be an established blogger or steampunk writer/artist to submit a guest post. All you need is an idea! The first guest posts will start to appear in May. You will receive a byline with a link back to your own site and many virtual hugs and cookies for sending us awesome ideas. We’re especially interested in non-review content as we have a lot of reviews coming up over the next few months.

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