Introducing Seregon O’Dassey, Creator of Steampunk TV Show Absynthia

Today we have a very special interview with Seregon O’Dassey, creator of the steampunk TV show Absynthia, currently raising funds for the pilot episode on Kickstarter. Please give her a warm welcome and don’t forget to check out the Kickstarter!

The Trailer

The Interview

Hi there, want to tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi. I’m Seregon O’Dassey. I’ve been an actress for about 20 years, a model for most of that time, and most recently a writer and director. And I’m a redhead: the rumors are true 😉

What about your show, Absynthia?


An attack on a mercenary airship sends the lives of Captain and crew facing their pasts. The events that unfold as a result of par-amnesia could destroy the government’s well planned society. Commander de Cardia marries a man to infiltrate the government and assassinate her husband – who was next on her boss’s hit list. However when her ship is attacked and the entire crew suffers par-amnesia, no one can remember all the details and loyalties switch. What everyone discovers is a web of secrets. Trust is Finite. Loyalty is six degrees.

What part of the story came to you first?

It’s actually a scene that’s not in the pilot. It was, but I moved it to a later episode. It’s a dream I had about a woman with steampunk-like angel wings sword fighting with a military officer in the desert. Really.

How long did it take you to get from idea to finished script for a pilot?

About 3 weeks for the first edit. About another month once finalized.

How did you find a team of people willing to help you create Absynthia?

I got lucky in working on others’ projects that I met a lot of great people who were smart and hard working. I pretty much recruited them LOL.

Absynthia has a very diverse cast. Why do you believe diversity in steampunk is so important?

I think diversity in everything is important. People have to stop writing characters of only white men as leads. Earth isn’t made of just one kind of person, so why should a made up world be? That doesn’t mean there aren’t white men in Absynthia, because there are. Just that the world doesn’t revolve around them. Some of my characters aren’t even human (although all of the actors are 😉 )

Truth be told, I didn’t set out to purposely make the cast diverse. I simply hired the best person for the role. Except for Captain Ryan who is African American (because Rutina Wesely was the inspiration for her) I auditioned different people for all the roles. That’s what people need to do: don’t write a “male” or “female” role. Don’t write it by race. Just write it and audition a variety of people. You’ll be surprised how much your POV can change when the right actor walks in the door.

What has been the most exciting part of working on Absynthia so far?

Seeing the actors bring the characters to life. They’re just words on a page without the right actor. I love to watch people internalize and breathe life into something that, until recently, was just a concept in my mind.

You have a Kickstarter going on right now for the pilot of Absynthia. What will your next steps be if the campaign is successful?

To continue filming! We had two production days so far and shot 6 scenes. I have locations to rent and schedules to make, but it can’t happen without the Kickstarter campaign being successful, so please take a look, everyone and consider making a contribution! Of course I will be shopping it to networks. We need strong female leads and a steampunk inspired TV show!

I will definitely be looking forward to Absynthia! Especially after looking at all this awesome artwork…

Want to know more about Absynthia? Want to help make it happen? Maybe get a sweet steampunk corset in the process? Check out the Kickstarter Campaign & make your pledge today!

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