Steamborn by Eric R. Asher

SteambornSteambornPerm is an incredibly fun steampunk novel with an adventurous tinker’s apprentice at the lead. Within the first chapter I was entranced by a world that reminded me of many of my favourite anime settings, a city with massive walls to keep out terrifying deadly bugs. Bugs who are often at least as big as the main character and who have fun names like Red Death and Widow Maker.

You’ll also find Spider Knights in the book, trained warriors who ride giant spiders. Which, as someone who used to have arachnophobia, was simultaneously awesome and terrifying to read about. The spiders–along with all the other bugs–are described with details so realistic it actually made my skin crawl.

Anyway, enough about the bugs. Steamborn is about much more than bugs. It’s a book with many layers and many questions, including deeply unsettling questions about the nature of history and humanity. Or, put another way: you know a book asks some heavy questions when you’re reading it and you start to wonder how Hitler would have written the history books if he won.

When I post this review on Goodreads I will definitely be giving this book four out of five stars.

Want to know more? Here’s the full blurb:

Jacob, a tinker’s apprentice and sometime thief, has lived his entire life in the mountain city of Ancora, protected by the city walls. These towering barriers keep the Deadlands creatures at bay, but the monsters move higher into the peaks every year. More and more, they breach the defenses of the Lowlands while the Highlands rest easy.

A swarm overruns the walls and wreaks utter devastation on the Lowlands. Charles, the old tinker, suspects the attack may not be natural. With help from Jacob’s closest friend, Alice, and Samuel, one of the city’s elite spider knights, Jacob and Charles will uncover a terrible darkness at the heart of their city.

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Author Bio

Eric R Asher ProfileEric is a former bookseller, cellist, and comic seller currently living in Saint Louis, Missouri. A lifelong enthusiast of books, music, toys, and games, he discovered a love for the written word after being dragged to the library by his parents at a young age. When he is not writing, you can usually find him reading, gaming, or buried beneath a small avalanche of Transformers.