The Attack of the Alien Automaton by Christopher MacRaven

The Attack of the Alien Automaton
By Christopher MacRaven

Many eyes saw what they thought was a shooting star streak across the night sky. What they really beheld was a scout ship from Venus, an alien planet populated solely by automatons, as it entered Earth’s atmosphere. The supply of metals was dwindling and they were searching for a close-by planet rich in brass and copper to propagate their race. The planet being populated was of no consequence to them

The deadly alien automaton, KS1341-D was the pilot of the scout ship.


Her mission was to search for and destroy all threatening technology. Once the Earth was purged of all threats, she was programmed to then signal the waiting alien armada, and usher in an interplanetary war of epic proportions. However, as she scanned and absorbed earthling knowledge, KS1341-D became enamored with Victorian sensibilities and human emotions. Newly self-aware, she attempted to overwrite her programming in the hopes she could save humanity from invasion. Unfortunately, this tinkering released a subscript deep within her data core, directing her to begin the annihilation of all life on Earth.

Her first target was Emerald Point, a coastal city that was second to Capital City only in size. It was home to the military training academy and therefore made an excellent beginning point. In the ensuing battle, the city’s defenders threw everything they had at the alien invader to no avail. In short order she destroyed the academy and moved on to the military base further inland.

Lady May Fitzgeoffery-Bannister came from a long line of business Aristocracy who made their money from the manufacture and sale of firearms.

Fitzgeoffery-Bannister Munitions had been the company that the military had called on for decades. Currently, Lady May’s father, Lord William ran the company while she handled the sales and delivery side of the business. As soon as the military saw that their current weapons were having no effect on the automaton, the General called on Lord William to send them a large consignment of their most powerful armaments. Lady May took the order and delivered the shipment.

When she arrived, the battle was already raging and the army was not faring well. The Alien Automaton just powered through each assault. It was carrying a large weapon of brass and copper with spinning barrels of death, discharging electrical energy with devastating results.

Seeing the large caravan of trucks, the Automaton turned its attention to the new threat. Powering up its weapon, it took aim at the newly arrived munitions. When the energy blast hit the crates of guns and other armaments, they exploded in a fiery conflagration. Those not consumed by the flames were thrown to the ground, their clothes torn and burning.

Walking in the flames, the Automaton found the unconscious body of Lady May. Seeing her as a source of information, she took her back to her ship and clothed her in some of her own garments. When May awoke, she played along till she could escape and then made her way to Capital City to warn Brigadier General Abbotts- Brackenridge of the impending attack by the alien menace.

Maud Abbotts-Brackenridge had grown up in a military family and when she was of age she followed in their footsteps.


By the time she was 25 she had risen through the ranks and became a Brigadier General. She was given command of the Home Guard based in Capital City and was charged with protecting the country from all threats, both foreign and domestic.

When Lady May arrived, arrayed in her silver clothing, the General was not too keen to hear her story but she finally consented and heard her out. When apprised of the situation she knew she had to call on her old friend Professor Ravenscroft. If any man on Earth could make weapons to defeat the alien’s formidable death ray, it would be him.


Phineas T. Ravenscroft attended university in Capital City. While there, he learned all there was to know of electricity, chemistry, steam, gears, sprockets and metals. He used steam, clockwork and Tesla power, combined with his knowledge of chemistry, to create some truly fantastic weapons, among other mysterious devices. The constabulary and the government had taken notice of him and his creations, and called on him many times to help them out of sticky situations. They knew who to contact when the times were dark and dire.

After contacting him via the Trans-Aether Communications Array that he had provided for just such occasions, Maud and Lady May headed out to meet him at his laboratory.

The Professor was making any needed adjustments to the weapons displays when he heard a knock at the door of the Laboratory. After welcoming his guests, he showed them to the room where his latest weapons were stored in glass-fronted cabinets. The ladies were delighted with Professor Ravenscroft’s newest designs.

Alienautomaton5 Alienautomaton6


They asked the professor why the weapons previously used had had no effect on the alien craft or the automaton. He explained that any weapon utilizing gunpowder would be useless against her armaments. The way to defeat metal machines, he stated, was with electricity and magnetism. He then proceeded to demonstrate his various creations which made use of those forces, from the largest energy weapon, The Maelstrom, to the smaller pistol styles like “The Crystalline Electro-Pistol”. It was decided that the Professor would supply them with all his largest weapons, The Maelstrom, The Discombobulater Mark 1 and The Weapon of Brass Destruction and would personally join them in their plan to confront and defeat the alien.

So, fully armed with the Professor’s latest technology, they headed out to meet the alien menace. By the time they arrived at the coordinates that Lady May had obtained from her time of captivity, it was well past midnight and the super moon was in full effect. They watched as the scout ship slowly circled and then landed in the valley below and the deadly alien automaton, KS1341-D emerged from the craft. To say that she was frightening as she crested the hill with the full moon behind her would be an understatement.  Her brass weapon was glinting as the barrels spun in readiness and her demeanor was grim.


They approached the alien and demanded that she surrender to them but the automaton remained defiant. Instead of answering them, she opened fire. The air was filled with a red glow as her weapon discharged electrical blasts in all direction. Lady May and Maud dove away from each other and fired upon the automaton simultaneously. She was bathed in a green and red glow as the electrical energy released from their weapons wreaked havoc upon her systems.
It was clear from her unsteady walk that one of her control circuits had been damaged. Professor Ravenscroft quickly moved in to push their advantage. He fired The Maelstrom, which hit her weapon, rendering it useless. The Automaton tried to return fire, but was unable to, since the power source had been drained.
All three heroes fired again. The combined blast sent KS1341-D flying through the air.
Alienautomaton11She landed with an ominous sound of twisting metal. With her circuits damaged she lost many functions and ended up ignominiously sitting at the feet of the three heroes, sparks randomly shooting out from her joints and armamentsAlienautomaton12 

 A few days later the ladies again went to visit the Professor. They spent their time over tea, discussing the future ramifications of the alien armada that was awaiting the signal to attack. It was decided that a peace treaty should be put to them, facilitating good will between Earth and Venus. Would the race of automatons accept the offer of peace? That is a tale for another day.


Model, styling: Professor Ravenscroft ~ FB Lord.MacRaven

Model, styling: Kirstin Sabrina Dane ~

Model, styling: Andrada Andrei ~ FB andrada.andrei

Model, styling: Lux Aeterna ~ IG @xoxo.luxie

Makeup, face painting: Coral Brandenburg ~ FB coralbrandenburg96

Makeup: Anique Alletson ~ IG @anique_alletson

Gallagher Assistant: Lady Ravenscroft

Creative director: Louise Peacock ~ FB wtfdesignsandcreations

Photography: Bruce Walker ~ IG @bruce.walker

The cast

The Brigadier – Andrada Andrei
Lady May – Lux Aeterna
Professor Ravenscroft – Christopher MacRaven
The alien  – Kirsten Dane

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