The Story of the Steampunk Cavaliers

musalogo-2-300x229Once upon a time, not so very long ago, there was a place called Musa Publishing. It existed only online but the writers, editors and artists who gathered there were closer than many families. They worked hard to bring a shared dream of great ebooks to the world. It was in this virtual land that the Steampunk Cavaliers first met, brought together by a magical series called The Darkside Codex.

All too soon the day came when Musa had to close its doors, leaving The Darkside Codex without a home. Yet the Cavaliers stayed connected. We continued supporting each other, cheering for accomplishments and offering hugs for failures.

Today we open the doors to our own virtual space, a space for exploring all things steampunk, for conversations both serious and silly, but most of all for sharing great stories. We hope you’ll come in, say hello and maybe share a few stories of your own.

For now, I’d like to introduce you to my fellow Cavaliers:

ChrisPavesicIconChris Pavesic lives in the Midwestern United States and loves Kona coffee, steampunk, and writing speculative fiction. Between writing projects, Chris can most often be found reading, gaming, gardening, working on an endless list of DIY household projects, or hanging out with friends.  She became a Steampunk Cavalier thanks to her involvement in The Darkside Codex blog and Musa Publishing.

imageDaniel Ausema’s work has spanned the drudgery of food mines and the heights of the rigging of airships. As an educator, he has tutored both the peers and paupers of the realm, in matters of language and physical exertion. His writings have appeared, in many print and aether-based publications, including such august journals as Strange Horizons, Daily Science Fictiom, and the Journal of Unlikely Stories. And he is the creator of the steampunk-fantasy serial fiction project, Spire City. Daniel was also one of the bloggers on The Darkside Codex.


HeadshotLondonDianna Gunn(that’s me!) is a freelance writer, social media specialist and book fanatic who enjoys both reading and writing fantastical adventures of all sorts. She was the Promotions Specialist behind The Darkside Codex and decided to bring her favorite steampunk authors back together to create this blog. She hopes to interview steampunk authors, scriptwriters and artists as well as discussing different steampunk influences in mainstream media.

Dianna is actively seeking authors and artists to interview in the coming months. Email with a short bio & blurb about your work.


Jorie Story author badge created by Jorie in Canva. Photo Credit: Unsplash Public Domain Photographer Florian Klauer.
Sources: Jorie Story author badge created by Jorie in Canva. Photo Credit: Unsplash Public Domain Photographer Florian Klauer.

Jorie Story is a book blogger, Joyful Tweeter and a writer whose season of publishing has not yet arrived. Happily spending her hours seeking out wicked sweet stories conceived with a dedicated passion by their writers, she dances across time and genre seeking her favourite next reads. Entering her third year as a book blogger she is expanding her readerly contributions to The Steampunk Cavaliers as a contributor for book reviews wherein she is seeking a particular kind of ‘Steampunk’ which will whet her palette of interest. Inasmuch as seeking out intrepid artisans of the genre who are creating how the foundation of Steampunk culture, art, music, fashion and the craft of story will be defined as I feature their conversations and creative voice.

Her first vintage typewriter is a Royal wherein her future collective works will be composed and created. She has a knitty heart for charity and is eclectically geeky by nature. Photography is a medium of art she has developed through self-discipline and exploration of wildlife habitats and natural landscapes. Steampunk caught her creative eye for it’s visual clarity of self and how it’s uniquely re-envisioned by each person who claims it as their voice of expression.


Jorie met the other Steampunk Cavaliers thanks to her adventures on Twitter.

What would you like to see the Steampunk Cavaliers talk about?

Let us know in the comments below!


17 thoughts on “The Story of the Steampunk Cavaliers”

  1. Hallo, Hallo SteamCavs!

    Sorry I’m entering the scene a bit late today, as I know we went *live!* this morning,… had a rough start as I was a bit unwell overnight so I’m celebrating our *launch!* tonight instead! Love how this introduction post captures our story of creating The Steampunk Cavaliers but also gives insight into what we’re hoping our blog will become! It’s going to be a lovely journey and one I am thankful to be taking with such a happily active group of Steampunk loving creatives! Rock on, you guys! Let’s embrace the joy of the unexpected!

    1. Oh no! 2016 really seems to be off to a rocky start health wise–for pretty much everyone I know. I’m glad you enjoyed the story and I can’t wait to start reading your reviews!

      1. Thank you, most kindly! 🙂 I am quite eager to undertake my journey into the world of Steampunk and hopefully inspire a few reluctant wanderers like myself to find their ‘own thread of interest’ in the genre as a whole! Oy vie. Don’t remind me! This year has been a bit unrelenting with sickness but I always rally and bounce back!

    2. Hi Danny! Thanks for coming by! I’ve never read Whitechapel Gods but it sounds like the kind of book that would be right up my alley too. I love the gritty, dark side of steampunk, especially when it delves into issues that are still relevant today–class being perhaps my favorite to play with.

  2. Hello! Nice to meet the lot of you. I found out about this blog over on Twitter. I am an avid reader who loves to read steampunk, but I have a very difficult time finding steampunk books that I like. It would really make me happy to find a blog that introduced me to great steampunk books. Regardless, it’s always nice to see steampunk’s presence growing on the Internet. Good luck!

    1. Hello! I know how you feel–I’ve read a ton of steampunk short stories and seen some awesome steampunk movies but read only a small number of steampunk books. I’m looking forward to expanding my horizons and helping others do the same.

      I hope you’ll stick with us on our journey through steampunk worlds!

    2. Thanks for coming to help us celebrate our launch, Danny!

      Like you, I find myself struggling to find those particular Steampunk stories which give me the most joy to read! Hence why I felt if I could take my own journey with the genre and reveall it as we move forward on the Steampunk Cavaliers, perhaps I can help others find books they will genuinely be happy to read, too! It’s such a wide expanse of a genre, it’s hard to find your own way amongst the offers, but I remain quite optimist there is a ‘Steampunk style’ out there which will suit me! I hope our selections will help guide you on your own journey! Looking forward to your return visits and thanks for supporting us!

  3. Hello all,

    I shared this via social media and never thought to comment!

    Put it down to excitement about the launch. 🙂


    1. *waves*

      I can understand how it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement! It’s all quite wicked wonderful, right now! I think once we get into our regular rhythm of posting, we’ll start to be encouraged by seeing our readership grow!

  4. Okay, I’m responding to the call on Twitter to share what kind of steampunk stories resonate best with me. I prefer fiction that is character-driven, regardless of genre. When it comes to steampunk in particular, I’m looking to recapture the experience I had when I read my first steampunk novel Whitechapel Gods by S. M. Peters. I was blown away by the atmosphere of that book. It was gritty, dark, and the elements of steampunk gave it such a fantastical, otherworldly feel. I read across a variety of genres in search of a good story regardless of tropes, but my ideal steampunk book is heavy on science, peppered with Gothic, and spiced with a dash of horror.

    1. Hallo Danny,

      I must admit when I first read your response, I was unsure what I could recommend for you as despite the fact I’m entertaining a bit of Horror there days, I’m on the Cosy end of it! I even looked up the novel you’ve mentioned and the cover-art alone nearly left me queasy! You won’t find ‘dark and gritty’ attributes of the stories I’ll be showcasing here, but I am hoping as we’re a collective of readers who appreciate different avenues of Steampunk, you’ll be able to find next reads which suit your readerly curiosities!

      I don’t mind if your last sentence of description spoke to the whole of the story – where the Horror bits are lesser of importance than the Gothic atmosphere with a strong presence of Steam technology to carry the story as a whole. In this, I might stumble across stories you’ll appreciate, too. Unless of course, I surprise myself and find a story in the middle of both our preferences! lol

      Thank you for your response!

  5. Hello everyone! I’m so excited for this blog 🙂 I’m always looking for active steampunk communities, they seem somewhat difficult to come by (a lot of forums I’ve found haven’t been active since about 2013 at the very latest :/ ) Looking forward to your blog posts!

    1. Hi E.A.,

      Thanks for stopping by! I’ve noticed a lot of stale steampunk content and communities too and it’s a shame because there’s so much awesome new steampunk coming out all the time. I’m pretty excited about the opportunity to gather here and show off some of this awesome new steampunk.


    2. *waves!*

      So happy you dropped by ahead of your interview! 🙂 I am hoping as we grow in content, so too, will our commentary threads uniting the Steampunk community together with hearty discussions and an appreciation for conversing about a genre and culture we all love! I agree with you – a lot of Steampunk projects although well-intended at the start tend to fade away as time shifts forward. I was looking up the #SteampunkChat last week, only to realise it’s disbanded for over a year! Where does the time go off too!? Glad to have you here and we look forward to seeing your presence as more of our content goes live!

  6. Hi there!

    Thanks for bringing this place to my attention on Twitter! I shall definitely be keeping an eye on here! As E.A Hennessy (whose book I am thoroughly looking forward to reading) said, its difficult to find active Steampunk communities these days. Even here in Lincolnshire, UK where we have an annual steampunk festival. Everyone is just so dotted around!

    1. Hi Gareth! I’m lucky to have a pretty active steampunk community in my city with a monthly pub moot but they’re definitely tough to find. While we’re all too spread out to do live meetups I hope this blog will give you some of the community you’re looking for.

    2. Hallo, Hallo Mr Torrance!

      I understand what your saying – in my own community I wouldn’t exactly say Steampunk is popular aside from our library, who happily purchases new selections but also, we have an active ILL (inter-library loan) catalogue where you can find all sorts of lovelies from the genre! So much so, I already have a short-list of novels I’m going to be requesting as I read my way through the genre this year in order to continue my journey of discovery here at The Steampunk Cavaliers!

      Glad you came through via Twitter! 🙂 We’re starting to get our presence in the twitterverse known whilst hoping those who are following our feeds will swing by and do as you did – interact with us here on the blog! Champion!

      We are all a bit cast to the four winds, but we’re hoping with our blog we can start to bring the community together a bit whilst celebrating everything Steampunk has to offer! Thanks for dropping by and I am definitely thankful you’ve found us!

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