The Grand Canadian Steampunk Expo Part 2

_DSC0297_smallI’ve spent so much time organizing and editing all the great photos I got at the Grand Canadian Steampunk Expo that I’m posting this much later in the day than planned, but I’m still just as excited to share all these wonderful things with you as I was when I began–and I’d like to start with a little story about Death. No, not the inevitable doom of our mortal bodies(and souls depending on who you ask), but the wonderful, fully posable replica you see sitting on my shelf.


There are probably millions of variations on the grim reaper, but this replica isn’t just any grim reaper. It’s Terry Pratchett’s Death, his version of the grim reaper and one of the most memorable fixtures of the Discworld series. Right from the beginning Death is one of Pratchett’s strongest–and most amusing–characters. He’s also a uniquely lighthearted portrayal of something most of us fear.

Some of you are probably aware that my dad passed away when I was only 12 years old and that I’ve had a bit of an obsession with death since then. I’ve read and watched dozens of stories with different interpretations of the grim reaper, and throughout all those stories, Terry Pratchett’s Death has remained my favourite. So when I saw this replica I simply had to buy it–and put it on my shelf the moment I got home, right beside my miniature Iron Throne(no, I wasn’t actually thinking about the irony there when I did it).



Of   all the things I saw at the Grand Canadian Steampunk Expo–and even out of all the things I bought–I have to say this replica of Terry Pratchett’s Death is my favourite, an item I will cherish for many years to come, along with all my Discworld books.

But there were many other beautiful things and now that I’ve finished my story I’d like to show you some of them:

This miniature typewriter was part of one of the most brilliant author displays I've ever seen.
This miniature typewriter was part of one of the most brilliant author displays I’ve ever seen.
Books! Rebecca Diem was amazing to chat with(also the owner of the typewriter above) and I am super excited to check out these books.
Frogbat finger puppets? Yes please! Going to be custom ordering a purple one
The creators of the frogbat! Also one of my favourite musical acts from the weekend.
The cool part about these is that you can actually replace the notebooks inside & use the covers forever!
A bandolier! This piece is totally beautiful & reminded me somewhat of the bandolier of bells necromancers use in The Old Kingdom Series by Garth Nix.


Definitely the coolest hat I saw at the convention
Definitely the coolest hat I saw at the convention


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