The Grand Canadian Steampunk Expo Part One

Steampunk ExpoTwo weekends ago I volunteered at the Grand Canadian Steampunk Expo, the largest steampunk event in the eastern half of Canada(we don’t talk about the western half; it’s cheaper to fly to Europe) and one I had been looking forward to all year.

I’ve been to quite a few conventions over the years(my first was FanExpo 2008) but this one was totally unlike any of them, and not only because it was a steampunk event. It also took place in Fort George, which was the headquarters of the Centre Division of the British Army in the war of 1812. There isn’t exactly an abundance of truly important historical sites in Canada, and many of the ones we do have–like old residential schools–don’t exactly make me proud of our history, but Fort George is a definite exception.

As a volunteer I got to sleep in the barracks. This presented all the regular challenges of a shared sleeping area but also added an

The Barracks
The Barracks

extra layer of awesome. Most of the buildings were actually burned down and rebuilt many years later so technically it wasn’t the same building where soldiers slept during the war of 1812, but it was built as an exact replica.

This was my first time at both the convention and the fort itself, so I had to wander around and get some pictures of the location. Some of the buildings were open for historical tours, and although I didn’t take a tour I got some fantastic shots:

The main entrance to the fort
The only original building from the Fort left unburnt
A recreation of the setup used to pack gunpowder
A recreation of the setup used to pack gunpowder
I don't think these barrels have gunpowder in them but that is what originally would have been stored here
I don’t think these barrels have gunpowder in them but that is what originally would have been stored here




Of course there were also many talented artists. Steampunk is all about DIY which means there were loads of people wearing their own hand made costumes, but there were also some fantastic vendors selling amazing(also mostly hand made) costume pieces and home decorations. I got some incredible photos and had a fantastic time getting to know all the vendors–I’m already looking forward to seeing what they’ll have at next year’s event.


All photos link directly to artist websites unless I couldn’t find them. If you see your art here and it isn’t properly attributed, PLEASE email with the correct attribution details.




It took all my self control to not overspend on this one…


This is actually the first tent where I spent money. On a collar, not an axe, although the latter was very tempting.

Come back next week to see the rest!

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