SEEKING: Guest Contributors for The Steampunk Cavaliers!

The Steampunk Cavaliers has long accepted guest posts for invitation, but we want to do something bigger and better! We are officially open for submissions from ANYONE, about ANY steampunk related topic.
Check out our guidelines below and shoot us an email today to make YOUR contribution to the Steampunk Cavaliers:

Guest Post Guidelines

Guest articles can be on any topic related to the steampunk genre or the Victorian era. Topics that do particularly well tend to center around the darker and more political aspects of steampunk and the Victorian era. These can take the form of historical articles, articles examining trends in the steampunk genre, or recommendation lists of books/films/games that explore specific aspects of the Victorian era (I.E. 5 great books that use steampunk technology to challenge strict Victorian norms).
If you’re a steampunk creator, we’d also love to hear about how you deal with these themes in your work. A great example of this is On Writing Steampunk and Accessibility by Rebecca Diem.

What to Submit

We accept both ideas and completed articles.
For ideas, send 2-4 sentences to diannalgunn @ explaining what you want to write about and why you’re the person who should write about it.
Full articles should be 350+ words long (there is no maximum word count) and focused on a single aspect of the steampunk genre or the Victorian era. All completed articles should be sent to diannalgunn @ Please send them as .rtf, .doc, or .docx documents. Articles should also be accompanied by 1-4 relevant images, sent as separate attachments, an image of you and/or your work, and a 3-6 sentence bio. Include links to your website and any social media channels you want shared as well.
If you contribute high quality articles on a regular basis you will eventually be invited to join as an official contributor. This means you get an official account on our WordPress blog, and first dibs on any open weeks. Your image, bio, and links will also be added to the Steampunk Cavaliers‘ “About” page.

My First Steampunk Series

These are the stories of how all kinds of creators have been drawn into steampunk, featuring their first steampunk event and the reasons why they love the community. The only requirements are that they’re 350+ words long (no maximum) and that they come with at least one picture.

Before submitting, please take a moment to check out our previous My First Steampunk guests:

Victoria L Szulc

Felicity Banks

Phoebe Darqueling

Please only send completed drafts for the My First Steampunk series. All drafts should be sent to diannalgunn @ in a .rtf, .doc, or .docx file.

3 thoughts on “SEEKING: Guest Contributors for The Steampunk Cavaliers!”

  1. Good day to you, folks! I read you regularly, though I couldn’t prove it by my comment record. But I’m here today to let you know that I’ve shared your generous offer on my site (which is in turn shared on FaceBook), and I expect to be sending you my own submission in the next day or two. Best of luck with this project, and happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. Thank you, Jack! We’re grateful for all the community support we’ve gathered, and hoping that together we can build something even more amazing going forward

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